Welcome to St. Anthony's College, Byndihati Campus ( A Don Bosco Institution )


The College Library houses over 5000 volumes. The Library has separate sections dedicated for the core and allied subjects taught in the College. The collection includes reference books, question banks, text books of the courses, magazines, journals, News papers in Vernacular and English etc. The Library also provides the following facilities:

  • Photo Copying and Photo Printing
  • Lamination
  • Computer Print outs
  • Online Question Papers

  • Library Rules

  • Students will not be allowed entry to the College Library without valid Identity Cards.
  • A student is permitted to take a maximum of three books against the ID card in an academic year.
  • Time period for keeping possession of the issued books is 15 (fifteen) days and the same have to be returned or renewed after the said time, otherwise a fine of Rs. 5.00 per day will be levied.
  • All books borrowed, have to be returned to the Library after the Selection Examinations so as to allow stock taking and verification.
  • Staff members (Teaching and Non-Teaching) are permitted to borrow a maximum of eight books during an academic year.
  • Staff who wish to continue to keep possession of the books need to renew the same after every academic session.
  • In case of books being lost or damaged (by staff or students), the same has to be replaced. In the event of non-availability of the particular lost book in the market, one is required to pay double the price of the book.
  • For statistical purpose, an attendance register is maintained by the Library for both students and staff. All are required to enter their details on each visit to the library.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library as in the college campus.
  • No personal books/belongings are allowed into the library.
  • The internet facility in the library is to be used by the students for academic purpose only. The library staff are authorized to monitor and correct students who use the same otherwise.
  • At a time a student is allowed a maximum of one hour on the internet, if there are others waiting for the same.
  • Students who miss classes and are found surfing the internet in the library may be brought to the notice of the Principal and the Department concerned by the library staff.
  • On all working days the College Library will remain open from 8.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Students are requested to take advantage of the facilities.